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The Brainstorm Story by Channing Ritter
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In college I learned an important lesson to never let technology
restrict creative thinking. My best friend and I were on a
mission: we wanted to create an awesome interactive experience
with a clearly defined need and a concrete purpose—an idea
that SHOULD be built.

We created the Brainstorm Book.

Suzi and I would meet Gypsy Café on High St in Columbus, Ohio.
Over every-flavor hookah, we talked late into the night. We
talked boys, classmates, and travel. But mostly, we talked the Brainstorm
Book. What was it? How could we make it useful? How could we
make it something we'd want to use?

Thousand of hookah pipes later, we were finished.


© 2012 Channing Ritter and Joseph Inglis
Special thanks to Suzi Slavik—collaborator on the original concept and information architecture,
Aliza Adams
—vocal talent, Aaron Curran—sound engineer, and James Cowie—copy editor

We rolled into class sleepless on the day of the final presentation.
Our document was a complicated mess—225 Photoshopped frames compiled
into a stop motion demonstration (apparently we hadn't yet heard of
Adobe After Effects).

(view a sample of what we made, at your own risk: here)

Our professor's jaw dropped. "This is insane. You absolutely must present
this in a way your audience can understand."

Three years later, I started thinking again about the Brainstorm Book.
I never made it digestible—despite it being one of the most interesting pieces
I've ever made, as well a great collaboration with my friend Suzi Slavik.

Finally, technology caught up. With the help of the talented Joseph Inglis
(who thankful has heard of After Effects), I'm happy to finally present